List Controls

List controls are controls that typically databind list style content by scanning over cursors and populating its data with the content of the cursor.

  wwWebDataGrid The wwWebDataGrid provides a cursor based, read-only 'grid' control for displaying data in columnar format.
  wwWebDropDownList The wwWebDropDownlist creates a standard Web dropdown list.
  wwWebListBox The wwWebListBox creates a standard Web ListBox.
  wwWebListControl The wwWebListControl class provides the base behavior for the ListBox and DropDownList controls. It implements nearly all of the features of both controls.
  wwWebRadioButtonList Provides a list of radio buttons that act as a single control value. Making a selection on this control causes the SelectedValue property to be set.
  wwWebRepeater The WebRepeater class provides a template driven repeatable display bound to a datasource. The repeater supports Cursors, Object Arrays and Object Collections for databinding.

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