Fox Server Application Logging

Web Connection includes a Request log that logs every request that is processed through your FoxPro server application. The logging is managed through the wwServer class and occurs at the end of the request.

The Log is turned on via a switch in <YourServer>.ini file with:


which is mapped to the wwServer.lLogToFile. When .t. at the end of the request wwServer.LogRequest is called to log the request into the file specified in wwServer.cLogFile which defaults to wwRequestLog.

Logging can occur in two formats - simple and extended.

Simple Logging log the current script and querysting, timestamp, remote IP, duration and memory used. The extended logging also adds the browser user agent and POST data if any. Note that using extended logging can become very verbose quickly so make sure you clear out these files frequently or copy them off.

You can view the log either as a DBF file directly or you can view it from the Server Status form. Click Status and Browse Log.

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