Creates a cursor from a Schema definition in wwXML's schema format.


Return Value

.T. or .F.


XML DOM node that points at the <Schema> element.

The alias to create.


The schema must be in wwXML's format.

This method is called internally by BuildCursorFromXML, which creates a cursor from the actual XML data using the embedded attribute data containing the type info. If there is no data (empty cursor), the method then calls CreateCursorFromSchema to try and create the cursor from the schema.

If data is available you should always use BuidlCursorFromXML as it is much faster than this method and will revert to this method only if no data is available.

There should be no need to call this method directly as XMLToCursor() calls BuildCursorFromXML and CreateCursorFromSchema as needed.

See also:

Class wwXML | wwXML::XMLToCursor | wwXML::BuildCursorFromXML

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