Comma delimited, lower case list of object properties that should not be serialized when serializing objects.

Any property name on this list is not output into the JSON result.

This property exclusion list is provided to avoid rendering FoxPro default base class properties into JSON output if you serialize any object that is derived from Custom, Relation or any other FoxPro base class, other than the EMPTY.

Not used on EMPTY Objects

EMPTY objects (ie. CREATEOBJECT("EMPTY")) are treated differently and don't apply this property as it is not needed. Unlike other FoxPro base classes, the EMPTY class does not have any base properties, so no exclusions are needed and you can use any property name.

This also applies to any Cursor and Collection serialization, which create their child objects based on the EMPTY class.

Feature introduced in v7.33.

Naming Conflicts and accidentally Ignored Properties

If you are using non EMPTY objects, it's possible that you can run into an inadvertant naming conflict where a property that is part of your object, is in the ignore list. For example, Comments or Name are quite common.

If you have a FoxPro object that requires one of these names in its property list you can:

  • Change to use an EMPTY class to serialize
  • Provide a custom list of properties to ignore (or STRTRAN() out a single property name)

Default Value:
activecontrol,classlibrary,baseclass,comment,docked,dockposition,controls,objects,controlcount, class,parent,parentalias,parentclass,helpcontextid,whatsthishelpid, width,height,top,left,tag,picture,onetomany,childalias,childorder,relationalexpr,timestamp_column

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