Visual Studio Code Configuration and Operation

You can use the light-weight Visual Studio Code editor with Web Connection. Unlike it's big brother, Code is an code editor rather than a full IDE. The editor is small and very fast to load and type in, with addins and code snippets providing language and support features.

Code is a great editor for your Web Connection HTML folder - it has excellent HTML, CSS and JavaScript editing support with plenty of Intellisense code completion features, as well as an excellent file browser for managing and adding new files into projects.

For Web Connection Projects:

Visual FoxPro Syntax Coloring for VS Code

There's a FoxPro syntax coloring addin available for Visual Studio Code so you can edit your FoxPro code inside of the VS Code environment. You'll get syntax coloring, but no code completion, but still there are lots of features in the VS Code editor that we don't have in FoxPro, like powerful find and replace features, line number locations, block editing etc. Plus the editor is non-blocking so files edited can be running unlike the Fox editor.

You can get the Addin from Matt Slay's Github repository:

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