This is Web Connection's mainline entry routine that is entered by the server. Each of the server mechanisms calls this method first to activate Web Connection and pass forward the Web server request information.

This method can only be called after the server has been constructed properly. The majority of the construction code occurs in the server's Init along with calls to the user customizable SetServerEnvironment and SetServerProperties methods.


Return Value

This method returns a string of the result from the server's processing. This typically will be an HTML/XML or other HTTP string.


This parameter contains the all of the server's request information. Typically this parameter is a string, but it may also be a filename (if llFile is .T.) in which case the info is loaded from a file. In the future this parameter may receive an object with the request information.

If .T. the first parameter passed was a full filename which is read and converted to a string.


When running an ASP Component this method can be called from an ASP page to run the Web Connection component:

This response will be fully self contained based on the incoming request data with output sent directly into the ASP Response stream.


See also:

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