Creates a Gravatar link based on an email address.

Gravatar is a Web Service where users can register their email address and associate it with an avatar image. Once registered Gravatar can serve avatar images based on a URL that represents this email address. Gravatar is widely used on the Web and works on many sites, especially on message boards and comments for blogs.

For more info check out Rick's Blog Post about Gravatar.


Return Value

A URL to the image as string


The email address to get an image for. If the email address doesn't exist the default image is used.

The size of the avatar image. Typical thumbnail sizes are 60 or 80 pixels

An optional default url to an image that is displayed if gravatar doesn't find the email address. If you leave this blank the default gravatar image is displayed.

Optional rating requested for image: g,pg,r,x. Any image more restricted than the requested mode is not displayed (ie. no r images are displayed in pg).

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Class wwUtils

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