Class wwAutoComplete

The AutoComplete control provides a wrapper around the jquery-ui AutoComplete control. It provides automatic jQuery script and style loading as well as an easy way to implement the callback handler either as a JSON Service method or directly as a CallbackHandler in the Page.

The control works in combination with a server side handler that provides the JSON data to the control. The data can come from anywhere, but it must conform to the following rules:

  • Returns an array of objects
  • Each object must contain a label and value property
  • Additional properties may be on the object and are returned on selection
  • JSON Example:
    [ { label: "Micorosoft Corp", value:"MSFT"},{ label="Intel Corpo.", value: "INTC" }]

For more information on how to implement the server side code see Implementing Server Side AutoComplete

Class Members



Determines whether the the selected item in the list will be automatically focused.


Allows you to specify a method in the current page/container that is called in response to an AutoComplete callback from the client.


The base path to the jquery-ui CSS used for display of the auto-complete drop down.


The delay when typing into the textbox before auto-complete fires lookups to the server.


Minimum number of characters before auto-complete kicks in.


Fired when a client selection is made in the AutoComplete dropdown.


A URL on the server that returns the AutoComplete data.


Target object instance for the callback that you specify in CallbackHandler. Defaults to the page, but can be overridden to point at another object instance.


The jquery UI them applied to the CssBasePath. Default is Redmond.


Assembly: webcontrolsjquery.prg

See also:

Implementing Server Side AutoComplete Functionality

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