Using SQL Server for Sessions with the wwSessionSQL Class

wwSession uses FoxPro tables to run the session management features. A subclass - wwSessionSQL - uses SQL Server tables underneath everything. To use the wwSessionSQL class set the oSQL member to a reference of a wwSQL object.


oSession = CREATEOBJECT("wwSessionSQL")
oSession.oSQL = oSQL

From thereon in the session behaves identically to a session running against Fox tables.

Alternately SQL Sessions can be established through the InitSession mechanism by telling Web Connection to use SQL Server tables for logging and Session support. See Configuring Web Connection for use with SQL Server for details on how to set up the tables and let Web Connection handle logging and session management into SQL Server tables.

wwProcess::InitSession automatically loads the correct session object based on the WCONNECT.H constant WWC_USE_SQL_SYSTEMFILES.

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