Button Controls

These are commonly used button controls in the Web Control Framework.

  wwWebButton The wwWebButton class is the typical 'action' item for a WebPage. Clicking a button usually submits the form and causes a Click event to be fired on the form.
  wwWebHyperLink This object is used to create hyperlinks to navigate to other pages. It does not perform a postback.
  wwWebLinkButton The wwWebLinkButton is similar to a wwWebButton, but displays as a link rather than a button. The Button posts back to the current page and can trigger an event on the current page.
  wwWebImageButton The wwWebImageButton is a control for displaying both pure image links or link and text links. The button can post back to the same page or navigate to a new URL if a NavigateUrl/UrlControlSource is provided.
  wwWebMailLink The wwWebMailLink control embeds an email link into the page that attempts to thwart Spam bots from picking up the email address. It does this by splitting the email address and referring to a JavaScript function to actually pop up the mailto link.

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