Replaces the replace string or expression for any RegEx matches found in a source string

NOTE: The behavior of this functionality is very different from native Replace behavior in most RegEx implementations. This routine basically finds matches and then uses FoxPro code to replace the values either with a string or an expression.

Example using Expression Replacement (converts the </h3><br> and </h2><br> to just a <br>):

lcText = "Here we go<h3>Header</H3><br>More Text <h2>Header again</H2><br>asasa"
? lcText

loRegEx = CREATEOBJECT("wwRegEx")

? loRegEx.Replace(lcText,[</h\d><br>],"STRTRAN(lcMatch,[<br>],[IncludewwjQuery])",.T.)

Note that the value lcMatch is available and can be used in the expression processing to indcicate the matched string value. Your expression can be anything that can EVALUATE() in FoxPro.



The string that is to be searched

The RegEx expression to be applied

The string or FoxPro expression that is to replace any matches.

If lcReplace is a FoxPro expression set this parameter to .T.

If using an expression a variable called lcMatch can be used in the expression to represent the actual match string.

See also:

Class wwRegEx

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