Base Controls

These are the core Web Control Framework controls that you will be using most of the time for data entry in combination with the List Controls.

  wwWebTextBox The TextBox control provides basic text input functionality for single line, multiline and password type text input.
  wwWebPanel The wwWebPanel control is a container content control that can contain other literal content and other controls. You can also nest panels.
  wwWebLiteralControl Similar to the Label control but has no markup properties. This control is the most efficient control to inject content into a page as it takes the text and inserts it into the control as is.
  wwWebLabel A label control that has text that is to be displayed.
  wwWebImage A programmable image control that embeds an HTML tag into the page.
  wwWebHiddenField The hidden field control is just a specialized text control that creates an invisible field in the HTML document.
  wwWebErrorDisplay The wwWebErrorDisplay control can be used to display error messages to the user. The control is closely tied to the page's BindingErrors collection and allows for easy display of these errors.
  wwWebCheckBox The wwWebCheckbox class provides functionality for a standard Web checkbox control.

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