Allows adding an embeddable resource like an image, CSS or JS file or other file to be stored and then served as a WebResource url of the application.

To use this functionality you call Server.AddResource() to add images, .js, .css, .htm files etc. to the resource pool which is stored in Server.oResources. You can then retrieve these Resources via Server url by calling:


where .wwd is your application's script map. WebResources is available on any Process class implementation.

This functionality allows you to minimize external dependencies in your application and lets you 'embed' things like style sheets, images and JavaScript resources into your exe. The resources are then dynamically loaded through a Web Connection URL.

Note this approach causes extra hits on your Web Connection server and it's more expensive to serve requests this way than letting the Web Server manage the resources and caching. Returning reseources is efficient - they are cached internally and maximum caching is applied in the browser.



The Id by which the Resource can be retrieved. Should be unique and preferrably a single non-spaced string.

The actual content of the resources in string format. The content can be binary such as an image, or text like a .js or .css file.

The content type for the resource: text/plain, image/gif,text/javascript,text/css etc.

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Class wwServer | wwProcess::WebResource

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