Application Level Authentication

Web Connection provides a number of ways to authenticate users through your application code:

  • Windows Authentication
    Uses Windows Accounts and an HTTP level protocol to validate users. Works well if your app is internal and you can easily add user accounts to Windows.

  • UserSecurity
    Uses the wwUserSecurity class which uses FoxPro tables to manage basic user access. This mechanism uses plain HTML pages to display a login dialog or provides a wwWebLogin control to use on a page to check for authentication.

  • File Level Windows Authentication and ScriptMaps
    This mechanism allows you to use Windows Authentication based on file permissions on the physical disk. The permissions on the physical file of a page determine how Authentication occurs and who's allowed access to a page. This option requires that EVERY request in the virtual directory has a physical page on disk - any non-page backed requests will result in a 404 error.

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