Called after all rows of the grid have been rendered. This gives you a chance to potentially write code to add a footer to the table.

This event fires after all rows of the table have rendered and before the end table tags are rendered. The data source will be at the end of the source but it will still be open and available.


This function must return a string.

Here's how you hook up the event by providing an expression:

loConfig.OnAfterRowsRendered = "Process.AfterRowsRendered(loConfig,poBusObj)"

Note that the full expression is provided in quotes and that any objects accessed or passed must be in scope. To get a reference to the HtmlDataGridConfig object in the handler method pass in loConfig as a parameter.

The handler implementation then

FUNCTION AfterRowsRendered(loConfig,loBus)
LOCAL lcHtml

lcHtml = "<tr><td colspan="5"></td><td>" + ;
         loBus.GetReportTotal() +;


See also:

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