Generic, self-contained response for Authentication (HTTP 401 Status) by the server.

By default this creates a bare Status 401 request without any special protocol headers which forces the Web Server to request authentication for the client. This default is used by application based security solutions, such as User Security Authentication.

If llBasicAuth and/or llWindowsAuth are passed as true, the appropriate headers are added for that Basic Authentication or Windows Authentication respectively. You can use both in combination.

This request only generates a request for Authentication - it doesn't handle authentication flow or validation of users. If you need the actual Authentication functionality look into wwProcess::Authenticate().

o.Authentication(tcErrorText, llBasicAuth, llWindowsAuth)


Optional error text embedded into the response content. This ends up getting displayed in the browser. Can be HTML or plain text.

Optional - if .T. adds the www-authenticate: Negotiate and www-authenticate: NTLM headers to request Windows authentication for the request.

Optional - if .T. adds the www-authenticate: Basic header to request basic authentication.

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Class wwPageResponse

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