Class wwWebImageButton

The wwWebImageButton is a control for displaying both pure image links or link and text links. The button can post back to the same page or navigate to a new URL if a NavigateUrl/UrlControlSource is provided.

As such this control is a hybrid between a wwWebHyperLink, wwWebLinkButton and wwWebImage. Basically you should be able to use this control for any links that require images. The control renders as a hyperlink with the image as its content.

The control renders as:

<a href="" id="lnkPunchIn" class="hoverbutton">
<img src="images/Punchin.gif" id="lnkPunchIn_image" > Punch In</a>

The main control is the div tag and it receives the ID and all base tags. You can use CSS to style the HREF and IMG tags internally.

Control sources of this control map to:

  • ControlSource - ImageUrl
  • UrlControlSource - NavigateUrl

For example to cause a custom postback operation to occur (in a Repeater or DataGrid for example):

<ww:wwWebImageButton runat="server" ID="btnDelete" 


Class Members



Occurs when you click on the image link. Note this event does NOT fire if you have specified a NavigateUrl in which case the image doesn't post back and just navigates to the new URL.


The borderwidth of the image. The value is a string and defaults to "0".


ControlSource that applies a databinding expression against the ImageUrl.


Image displayed when the control is disabled (enabled=.F.). If not set the ImageUrl is used.


The Url to the Image to display.


The Url that is navigated to when you click the link.


Allows attaching of a client side JavaScript click handler that fires when the link is clicked. Use return false; to force the click to prevent navigation:


The target frame that the response will be rendered into.


Optional text property for the Image button. If specified displays to the right of the image.


Controlsource that applies a databinding expression against the NavigateUrl.

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