Class wwPDF

This class is an abstract class and the specific implementations of the subclasses listed below implement PDF generation with the various technologies.

Several different classes are provided that support various different versions of PDF generation tools. In the samples here substitute the appropriate version:

  • wwPdfPrinterDriver- generic PDF Printer drivers like the built-in Microsoft Print to PDF or FoxIt, Nitro etc.

  • wwXFRX - using the powerful XFRX VFP based report imaging engine

  • wwDistiller - Acrobat 4.0 - 7.0 using the Distiller package

  • wwGhostScript - Using the free open source GhostScript engine

  • wwPDFAmyUni - AmyUni PDF driver

  • wwActivePDF - ActivePDF product


Class Members



This method prints a report to a PDF file. It sets the printer driver to the PDFWriter software, writes out the temporary files that the PDF software generates and renames these files to the one you specify. In other words, it abstracts the entire process of generating the output file.

o.PrintReport(lcReport, lcOutputFile, lcExtraReportClauses)


This method works like the PrintReport except that the final output is not a file, but rather a string.

o.PrintReportToString(lcReport, lcExtraClauses)


Contains any error messages if PrintReport returns .F. or PrintReportToString returns an empty string.


This is the name of the printer driver that is used to print the document.


Assembly: wwPDF.prg

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