HTTP Redirection allows you redirect the current request to another URL. A common scenario is for login operations where the user is trying to access functionality before he's logged in. When the request comes in you can redirect the user to the Login page first.

Redirection is an HTTP feature that works through the HTTP header and requires that all existing output be discarded first.

Redirection is also available through the wwHTTPHeader::Redirect method, which this method calls internally to generate the Redirect header.


Return Value

"" if sending to file and the output text if lNoOuput is .T.


The URL to redirect to.

When set to .T. output is not sent to file, instead returning the result as a string.


Redirection occurs without additional HTTP header directives. So if you generated a Cookie or Authentication request prior to the Redirection call those operations will not be submitted to the browser - it's not supported by the HTTP protocol.

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