Expression you can specify to have fired just before a row gets rendered. The expression MUST return a string.

This handler is useful for:

  • Injecting additional HTML content - like another row
  • Calculating totals as they are rendered


This function must return a string!

To set up the expression you'd use:

loConfig.OnAfterRowRender = "Process.AfterRowRender(loConfig)"

Note that the full expression is provided in quotes and that any objects accessed or passed must be in scope. To get a reference to the HtmlDataGridConfig object in the handler method pass in loConfig as a parameter.

This event fires while the record of the row just rendered is still active.

A more complete example looks like this:

*** Use the HtmlDataGrid Helper function (easier)
loConfig = CREATEOBJECT("HtmlDataGridConfig")
loConfig.PageSize = 10
loConfig.Width = "800px"

*** Set up a delegate FoxPro expression that is called 
loConfig.OnAfterRowRender = "Process.GridGroupFooter(loConfig)"

*** Now render the grid
lcHtml = HtmlDataGrid("tt_Cust",loConfig)	

You then implement the expression as a handler for this - in this case as a Process class method. The expression must return a string - either an empty string or a string that gets embedded as a result. This method implements group headers based on the company name changing - when it changes a row is injected displaying the name of the company.

PROTECTED FUNCTION GridGroupFooter(loConfig)
LOCAL lcHtml, llNewProject

lcHtml = ""  && Return empty if not matched

llNewProject = .F.

*** Read next record to see if it's a new project
if !eof()
   IF pcLastProject != TProjects.Project
      llNewProject = .T.
   SKIP -1

*** Private variable
pnProjectTotal = pnProjectTotal + TProjects.Cost

if !llNewProject
   return ""

lcHtml = lcHtml + "<tr><td colspan='3'></td><td>" +;
                  TRANS(pnProjectTotal + ;


You can also replace the entire HTML of the current row rendered by setting the loConfig.RowContent property to a string that represents the HTML of the row to render.

PROTECTED FUNCTION AfterRowRender(loConfig)

loConfig.RowContent = "<tr><td colspan='3'></td><td>Overridden!</td></tr>" 

*** Still have to return a string


The expression can pass the loConfig object as a parameter to get the wwDataGridConfiguration instance and all of its support properties.

See also:

Class HtmlDataGridConfig

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