Hook method called after every REST service request.

This method allows you to post-inpect the result from Rest Service calls. It gets passed the @lcResult reference parameter that contains the JSON response for the request. Because the value is passed by reference you can modify it and the modified value is sent to the Response.

Non Data Results with `JsonService.IsRawResponse

Be careful with IsRawResponse results which don't produce result string JSON output. IsRawResponse requests directly write output into the Response object and you can't intercept these values except by rewriting the response.





*  OnAfterCallMethod - implemented as wwProcess Method
FUNCTION OnAfterCallMethod(@lcResult)

*** Check for error responses and remove the error label from text
IF !EMPTY(lcResult) and ATC(lcResult,["ERROR: ])
   lcResult = STRTRAN(lcResult,["Error: ],["],1,1,1)

*   OnBeforeCallMethod

See also:

Class wwRestProcess

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