Integration into a Web Connection Project


This library is shipped as a Web Connection Process class plus a set of UI templates that make up the base UI for providing the Authentication features. In order to integrate it into your application the files have to be merged into your project and a number of code and script hooks have to be updated.

This library is meant to be merged into an existing Web Connection application - preferrably a Web Connection 7.0+, but you can also integrate with older versions.

What Ships

The library ships with two separate projects:

  • User Security Manager Core Project
    This is the Core project that is maintained by West Wind and serves as the base to copy into other projects from. This project serves as the development project for User Security Manager but it can also be run as a Web Connection application. When doing integration this project is what you copy from, or run UserSecurityManager_AddToProject.prg to automatically integrate into another project.

  • Security Test
    This project is a test integration that demonstrates the User Security Manager once it has been integrated into a stock Web Connection project. You can use this project as a reference to see what the final integration steps should look like in regards to mapping the script map, hooking up in the server's OnLoad() and the process OnProcessInit() integration.

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