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Take your Skills to the next Level

Are you a Web Connection Developer looking for an opportunity to expand your skill set and hobnob with other Web Connection experts? Then look no further than this year's Web Connection User Conference in Gilbert Arizona at the SanTan Elegante Conference & Reception Center and Legado Hotel, just prior to the Southwest Fox conference this year.

Immerse yourself in two days of training presented by Rick Strahl, creator of the Web Connection Framework, so you can learn from the horse's mouth how to utilize the powerful features of Web Connection. This year's presentations focus on the new features of Web Connection 6.0 and on building xMobile capable client centric Web applications .

Day One: Introduction to Web Connection 6.0

Day one introduces Web Connection to new users starting with installation and a short overview of the architecture. You'll see how to install Web Connection and create a new project and see several different ways of creating request output for your Web applications. We then walk through creating a small application so you can get a good feel what it's like to use Web Connection in typical server side Web development. We'll introduce how to use the new templates in Web Connection in conjunction with the Bootstrap CSS framework. You'll learn what you need to know about HTML and CSS as well as how to generate the HTML from your FoxPro application using both code and dynamic script templates.

In addition to introducing Web Connection to new users we'll also demonstrate the new features of Web Connection 6.0. You'll see the new project layout, the new default templates both for the project as a whole and also the new page templates for Visual Studio to simplify new page development. We'll also lean heavily on the improvements in the script and template engines using Layout Pages and Partial Rendering to make it easier to reuse HTML layout in Web applications.

Day Two: Client Centric and Mobile Web Development

Day two then goes over how to build Web applications in a completely different manner, using a client centric approach that uses JavaScript on the client to communicate with data from your FoxPro server. We'll use the popular AngularJs framework to build a client side front end that retrieves JSON data from the FoxPro backend and manages all user interface interaction purely inside of the browser. We'll also demonstrate how to build mobile friendly Web applications that use responsive Web design to facilitate rendering on devices from the phones all the way to desktop browsers. This training day will feature more JavaScript than FoxPro code and demonstrate the differences between building server generated Web applications of Day one and client centric Web applications we build on Day two.

We want you to walk away ready to build sophisticated Web Applications with Visual FoxPro faster than ever before. As usual these training workshops involve audience interaction so you help shape the format of the event.

You'll learn about
New features in Web Connection 6.0
Building mobile aware Web applications
Creating FoxPro JSON services
Setting up new projects
Creating new requests handlers in code
Using dynamic Html Templates and Scripts
Using MVC style programming code practices
Using HTML, CSS and Javascript effectively
Use the Bootstrap CSS framework
Use the AngularJs client side framework
The code, run, debug cycle in FoxPro
The edit, browse, debug cycle in the browser
Deploy applications to your server
Administer your application once it's up
and much more...
Where and When

before July 20th: $549
before September 1st: $649
before October 5th: $749
after October 5th: $799

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October 14th and 15th, 2015
9am - 5pm (bonus session on the 1st day)

San Tan Elegante Conference Center
1800 S. San Tan Village Parkway
Gilbert, Arizona 85295
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