User Administration: User Browser and User editing

If the user is marked as an Admin in the User Security table, the user has access to user management, which is basically a list of all users that can then be edited. The template that controls this list is UserList.usm:

You can type a partial match for a username or email address into the search box and the list is filtered to just those items.

You can click on any item to select which dispays that user in the user form in UserInfo.usm

Account Deletion is an Option

Whether an account can be deleted is determined via a configuration setting in myApp.ini in the [UserSecurityManager] section.


These days it's important to be able to let users remove their accounts and get all the data off a public application, but it may not be possible for all applications to allow users to be removed. Users can also be marked as in active in the account which effectively disables the account.

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