The Web Connection framework includes only includes minimal built-in authentication features. All you can do in the core framework is add users manually to a user table and prompt for authentication against those users. There's basic authentication UI that shows a sign in dialog, but there's no direct support for adding new accounts, recovering passwords or other related features. This functionality has traditionally been left to the developer implementing the application.

The User Security Manager library provides these features in an easy to integrate package that consists of a custom process class plus a number of UI templates that provide core sign in and user account features. The base templates and default files are meant to be customized to fit your specific application needs.Welcome to your new Help Builder Project. You're ready to start creating content for your documentation.


  • Enhanced Login Form
    • Link to Password Recovery
    • Link to Create Account
  • Password Recovery Form
  • Create new Profile
  • Account Validation via Email Confirmation
  • Email validation for Password Recovery
  • Reusable Sign in Widget
  • User Manager for Admins
    • Browse users
    • Add/Edit/Delete Users

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