West Wind Technologies would like the following people for their invaluable help with this product and otherwise lending valuable support.

West Wind Most Valuable Professionals

We're acknowledging the support many of the people in our community have given back to others on the message board and around shows and other events. We here at West Wind Technologies and the community at large thanks these individuals by awarding MVP awards. To find out more visit the MVP site.

Matt Slay
Matt has been helping out on various client side components, providing valuable feedback and code fixes that have been integrated into Web Connection and the West Wind Client Tools.

Randy Pearson
Randy Pearson of Cycla Corporation has been an extremely active member in the Web Connection user community to the point that many people visiting the message board think he's a West Wind Employee, which he is not. His valuable contributions and thoughtful comments and suggestions can also be found in many aspects of Web Connection and had an impact on many of the features found in the product. Finally, Randy was in charge of the Migration topics found in this help file along with with the Migration Tool utility to move 2.x projects to 3.x. Randy is also co-author of the WebRad Web Connection book.

Lauren Clarke
Lauren has become one of the top resources on the West Wind Message Board and has been a huge help in testing various new developments in Web Connection. He's also been instrumental in a number of ideas and tossing around brainstorming ideas for new features in the product.

Markus Egger
Markus (EPS Software) and I have been business and development partners for some years now and Markus although not directly involved in this product has always been a great help in bouncing ideas and concepts off of. Many of these have found their way into Web Connection.

James Murez
For all of his help related to pushing Web Connection harder as a product and improving visibility both for WWWC as well as Visual FoxPro in general. He's also been very actively testing several not so often used components of Web Connection and provides tons of feedback both on the documentation as well as on bugs/inconsistencies.

Ken Levy
Ken's been big help in providing info on XML and a link to Microsoft for bugs and odd behaviors. Even though he cut his hair and doesn't work in the Fox team anymore, he's still one of us. Ken's been invaluable in helping isolate a number of bugs in the DHTML and XML object models that have been fixed since.

Microsoft Visual FoxPro Team
For the obvious: Providing us with a tool that is so powerful and lets us do things so easily that it simply boggles the mind that you can't do many things in other more visible Web products. I want to specifically thank Calvin Hsia and Randy Brown for their help on many COM related issues on the road to providing the scalability in Web Connection.

The frequent Message Board Crew
Yeah, that's all of you who frequent the message board and help out others or ask pointed questions about features and (gasp) bugs. Without this feedback this product would not evolve as much as it does.

I thank all of you for your help and support of making this product such a success in the FoxPro market!

+++ Rick ---

Rick Strahl
West Wind Technologies

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