Updating from the Shareware Version

To upgrade from the Shareware version of Web Connection to the full version, you can simply install the full version of Web Connection either to a new directory or on top of your existing shareware installation. If you install on top of an existing installation simply unzip the distribution files into the original directory.

If you've modified any of the sample files be aware that the sample files will be overwritten in the installation - hopefully you will have created new projects in their own separate files rather than modifying the existing files. If not, make sure you back up these files first before installing the update.

After you've installed the new files over the shareware installation, make sure you:

  • Delete WCONNECT.APP (most important!)
  • Delete all FXP files in the project directories
  • Recompile all PRG and VCX files

You can do the following from the FoxPro Command Window in the Web Connection startup directory:

DELETE FILE classes\*.fxp
COMPILE classes\*.prg

Please also see the topic about updating from a previous version. The main difference for updating from a shareware version is simply the removal of the wconnect.app file. Otherwise the process is identical.

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