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West Wind Web Connection 7.0

November 15th, 2018    20 megs
works with Visual FoxPro 9.0

Please read the Installation Instructions in the documentation if you run into any trouble with the installation.

Older Versions

These older versions support older versions of Visual FoxPro. However, please note that we no longer support any older versions - you can use them but you are on your own for support.

West Wind Web Connection 6.22

October 10th, 2018    30megs
works with Visual FoxPro 9.0

West Wind Web Connection 5.72

April 23rd, 2015    20megs
works with Visual FoxPro 9.0 or 8.0

West Wind Web Connection 4.68

Aug. 30th, 2005    10megs  
works with Visual FoxPro 6.0-9.0

Web Connection Requirements

Visual FoxPro

Versions 9.0 8.0, 7.0 or 6.0 SP3 (dependending on version)

Web Server Support

  • Internet Information Server (IIS 6-10)
  • IIS Express 7.5 and 10 or later
  • Apache 2.2/2.4 (on Windows)

.NET Framework 4.5 or later

The .NET Framework is used to interface with the IIS Web server, and it provides integration features to the FoxPro server application. Make sure that .NET 4.5 or later is installed. (download latest)

HTML Editing Environment

In order to work with Web Connection Web sites you'll need a good editor and specifically an HTML editing environment. You can use any editor or IDE of your choice, but we do have a couple of recommendations that we provide additional tooling for:
  • Visual Studio Community Edition (free) recommended
    Visual Studio Community Edition is a free version of Visual Studio Professional that can be used by most developers (except large corporations) for free. Web Connection provides a Visual Studio Extension that integrates Web Connection and FoxPro into your application workflow. We also provide many code snippets with a wc- prefix that facilitates embedding common Web Connection and HTML/Bootstrap constructs into your HTML pages.
  • Visual Studio Code (free)
    Visual Studio Code is a light weight, cross platform code editor that unlike Visual Studio is very small and very fast. It supports many common file types out of the box and it has an extensive eco-system of extensions that provide countless features on top of the base editor. VS Code is a joy to work in as the editor is very responsive and low friction and it works great with Web Connection Web sites. Web Connection provides a set of VS Code code snippets that you can get to by typing wc- in the editor andthat provide many common Web Connection and HTML/Bootstrap shortcuts.

BrowserSync (recommended)

BrowserSync is a tool that allows you to live reload the active Web page as you save changes to your Web files. Live reload makes it very quick to prototype changes and see the changes in real time without having to explicitly refresh the browser. For more info check out the instructions in the help file.